Chicken, Egg, Chicken

  • Context: Presentation to a large retail company
  • Use: Content strategy has something of a “Which came first, teh chicken or the egg?” problem. Do you start by building content or by picking the channel? We suggest a content-first aproach, knowing that you can make adjustments to the content to fit the channel later. So it’s kind of a Chicken, Egg, Chicken solution
  • Meaning: When it’s hard to pick which came first, pick one but give yourself an opportuity to revisit based on future learnings and contexts
  • Also: none

Flypaper Walking Through the Jungle

  • Context: Conversation
  • Use: You’re still using IE?! Good lord, it’s like you’re flypaper walking through the jungle.
  • Meaning: The stickiest substance connected to a space filled with nothing you’d want to stick to you. Begging for problems.
  • Also: You have a sign that says “free needles” in Cabrini Green, are you handing out free hugs on the red line?

We can see the ripples in pond, not the pebble

  • Context: Meeting about measuing the impact of emails we couldn’t send
  • Use: We can’t see when the emails are being sent, and we can’t see what exactly is being sent, but we can see how it changes the web traffic. We can see the ripples in the pond, but not the pebble
  • Meaning: Seeing the outcomes but not all the inputs. Potentially being able to evaluate inputs we can’t see.
  • Also: Black box, reading shadows on the wall


You Asked for a Horse, You Got Two Guys In a Horse Costume

  • Context: Blog post about virtual meeting technology
  • Use: Your attendees probably have gotten used to a live event. They know what it feels like. You can’t slip one by them by like that. If you’re expecting a horse, you won’t get the same feeling when they bring out two guys in a horse costume.
  • Meaning: Being promised one thing and being given something that looks right, but actually is really wrong
  • Also: You asked for wine, but you got grape juice; a vacation to Potemkin Village

Delivery Boy Without a Pizza

  • Context: In a longer article about how mobile technology should be used at corporate events.
  • Use: Choosing the right channel is a great start to engaging your attendees, but mobile is not a solution in and of itself. Mobile is engaging and personal, but it’s not magical. Mobile delivers content that generates interest, awareness, connections, education, training, involvement, passion and commitment. The delivery boy who arrives without a pizza is somewhat disappointing.
  • Meaning: The channel without the content is a hollow channel and almost without value.
  • Also: An empty box wrapped in christmas paper, 5700 channels and nothing on